Though no one can be accurately described in just three virtues, there are three that come to mind when Jackie’s name is mentioned.The first would have to be assertiveness. When students come to MC2 they are tasked with discovering what type of learner they are. As a result, our students know what they need to succeed. Jackie is a strong advocate for herself and expresses what she needs to be successful.

Jackie’s dream is to someday call Paris home and that dream has led her to some great projects around France and the French culture. These projects show off Jackie’s creativity another virtue she embodies. Students at MC2 are given the opportunity to help design their learning and Jackie has a knack for developing projects that represent her creative style.

The third virtue, and possibly the most important one would be determination. Jackie is determined to take over her world. When challenges arise, she faces them with the heart of a lion. She tries to impart this level of intensity on her peers and others around her. She brought this determination to the field hockey team she volunteered to help coach last year.

Jackie came to MC2 Manchester in February 2016. Now, four quarters later, she has successfully completed her gateway to the next phase.