Fall Quarter, 2016

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays


How to Learn Math

Description: We’ll be using a Stanford online course to explore growth mindset and mathematics. We’ll also be collaborating with the MC2 Monadnock campus.

EK/Phase Checklist Credit

  • Mathematics: Student Negotiated Target(s)
  • Neurodevelopment (Wellness Portfolio)


The Threads of Time

Description: Through both quilting and cross stitching, you’ll discover your hidden talent. Over the next nine weeks, we will produce 4 projects. The last project will be a “Pay It Forward” piece which will be donated to Families in Transition.

EK/Phase Checklist Credit:

  • Art
  • Writing Portfolio components




How Babies Are Made

Description: Have you ever wondered how babies are made? We will explore this phenomena from the microscopic to the macroscopic level. Along our journey we will discover what makes us all unique human organisms.

EK/Phase Checklist Credit:

  • Biology: Heredity
  • Biology: Cells



Description: In this hands-on approach to geometry, we’ll be exploring transformations, constructions, dimensions, and other topics through origami.

EK/Phase Checklist Credit

  • Geometry: Congruence
  • Geometry: Trigonometry
  • Geometry: Dimensions


Multicultural Literature

Description: Through global literature, we will cross both cultural and social boundaries. In our cultures we share more common traits than we know. Does culture give us a pathway to communicate? Is our understanding of culture only through language? Let’s explore to bridge our community.

EK/Phase Checklist Credit:

  • English Language Arts: CCBRPs
  • English Language Arts: Writing
  • World Language: Culture



What’s Your Magnitude?

Description: We’re all subjected to forces on a daily basis. Come and learn how to be a physicist and mathematician while we discuss and learn about different forces in the world around us.

EK/Phase Checklist Credit

  • Algebra: Vectors
  • Geometry: Trigonometry
  • Physics: Forces & Interactions


What’s the Point?

Description: Have opinions? Like to argue? Make your point in writing, while using your unique voice.

EK/Phase Checklist Credit

  • ELA: Writing
  • ELA: Research Project or Paper


Tuesdays, Thursdays


How to Be Well

Description: What exactly is the MC2 Wellness Portfolio? Wellness Guru Amanda will take you on a journey to personal wellness by providing you with a better understanding of mental and physical health, neurodevelopment, and the importance of establishing personal fitness habits and goals.

EK/Phase Checklist Credit

  • Wellness Portfolio


Preparing for Internship: If you are not currently in an internship then there are things you must be working on:

  • Career Portfolio
  • Career Cluster Survey
  • Ability Profiler
  • Career and Internship Research
  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Mock Interview

On the Job: Every day is an opportunity to learn, especially at internships! Your EODs are extra important on Tuesdays and Thursdays as they are your Internship Journal, an important documentation requirement.

Your Internship Project is how you apply your internship learning and add value to your internship site. You will negotiate this with your mentor, your advisor, and the MC2 Internship Coordinator. This must be completed to finish your Internship learning experience!

Wrap It Up: If you’ve just completed your internship, your next step is to write a thank you letter to your mentor for the the experience you’ve gained through your internship. You also need to complete your documenting your learning in Project Foundry. Bonus: Write your speech for the Community Recognition Dinner, while your experience is still fresh in your mind!


MOLO – Operation Orientation

MC2‘s orientation to learning opportunities (MOLO) is required for all new students. MOLO is designed to help you learn how you learn best, teach you how projects are designed and how to present your learning, and give you a chance to learn how MC2 operates along with other new students. New students are expected to attend both sessions of this studio until they have completed MOLO.

  • 9:15 – 10:20
  • 1:15 – 2:00