Who We Are

MC2 Charter School is a free public school that provides the conditions that enable each individual to become empowered with the knowledge and skills to use his or her voice effectively and with integrity in co-creating our public global world.

We seek to uncover, recover, and discover the unique gifts and talents each individual brings to school every day.


This brief promo describes the benefits of the MC2 program, as seen from the perspectives of parents, students, administrators, and teachers who participated in the earlier MC2 in the Monadnock region. Video production and music are by graduates of the program.

Guiding Principles

  • We are all learners with aspirations and passions that deserve to be supported in every way possible.
  • Learning changes lives by helping us develop the will, knowledge, skill and capacity to achieve our aspirations.
  • Learning needs to happen in different ways, so we use various strengths and resources to engage with the world around us.
  • Learning empowers us to co-create our public world and to shape the local and global decisions that impact our lives.

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